Omanter Dumort

A smug fellow, lean and well groomed with dark hair and a pale complexion.


Omanter Dumort is a noble in the Aurian court and is owner of the Purple Pig located in the market district of the capital city. His uncle is the Lord of Westmarch and his sister is a lady-in-waiting to Queen Rona Auria. Omanter’s father owns various farms in Westmarch, some of which supply goods to the Purple Pig. Omanter can often be found courting women at the tavern which he leaves in the capable hands of it’s manager Dals Woler. When not at the tavern Omanter can be found at his family estate or rubbing elbows with the elite on castle grounds.


Dals Woler – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Employee
Naryl Enswell – Half-Elf Commoner 1 (Female) – Employee (Secret Love Interest)
Kelen Tobin – Human Expert 1 (Male) – Employee (Bard)


Henel Dumort, Lord of Westmarch – Human Aristocrat 2 (Male) – Uncle
Raner Dumort – Human Aristocrat 1 (Male) – Father
Maglen Dumort – Human Aristocrat 1 (Female) – Mother
Lanor Dumort – Human Aristocrat 1 (Female) – Sister

Plot: Bard to the Bone

Omanter has a secret love for Naryl but notices that she has eyes for Kelen. Firing Kelen right out would surely turn Naryl against him so he must figure out a way to get rid of Kelen without it reflecting badly on him. In the meantime he is content to entertain himself with any woman willing to suffer his advances.


Omanter Dumort

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