Marsa Polt

A curvaceous human female with long hair and dark features.


Marsa Polt is the barmaid at Weller’s Wines and Spirits in the residential district of the capitol city of Illandis. Outspoken and a bit rowdy, Marsa has no trouble taking care of business and keeping people in line. When not working at the tavern, Marsa can be found at her husband’s home in the market district caring for her parents and son.


Haplon P. Weller – Halfling Commoner 1 (Male) – Boss
Lapard Talcus – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Boss


Barnum Obert – Human Expert 1 (Male) – Father (Retired Smith)
Rene Obert – Commoner 1 (Female) – Mother
Jarel Polt – Human Expert 1 (Male) – Husband (Smith)
Giter Polt – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Son

Plot: Wand or Hammer

Marsa’s son Giter has shown an aptitude for the magical arts and while she would like him to pursue them, her husband and father (both smiths by trade) want Giter to follow in their footsteps. If the PCs can arrange for an interview with the academy, Giter might have a chance to prove himself.

Marsa Polt

Heir of the Dog Illandis