Jarel Polt

A strudy, plain man with a bushy beard and stern demeanor.


Jarel Polt works as a smith at the Gilded Hilt, located in the market district in the capitol city. He is a plain spoken man with little tolerance for confusing conversation or challenging ideas. Jarel is fit and tough and smells of furnace smoke and ash.

Tarol Haster – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Merchant
Lapard Talcus – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Friend

Marsa Polt – Human Commoner 1 (Female) – Wife
Giter Polt – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Son
Barnum Obert – Human Expert 1 (Male) – Father in Law (Retired Smith)
Rene Obert – Commoner 1 (Female) – Mother in Law

Plot: Wand or Hammer

Jarel’s son Giter has shown an aptitude for the magical arts and while his wife would like him to pursue them, he and his father in law want Giter to follow in their footsteps. If the PCs can arrange for an interview with the academy, Giter might have a chance to prove himself.

Jarel Polt

Heir of the Dog Illandis