Haplon P. Weller

A well groomed squat halfling male with a curled moustache and oiled hair.


Haplon P. Weller is the owner of Weller’s Wines and Spirits located in the residential district in the capitol city of Illandis. Haplon inherited the business from his father, continuing the family tradition of brewing and selling ales and wines.


Lapard Talcus – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Barkeep
Marsa Polt – Human Commoner 1 (Female) – Barmaid


Banese Weller – Halfling Commoner 1 (Female) – Wife
Tilme Weller – Halfing Commoner 1 (Male) – Son
Col Weller – Halfling Commoner 1 (Female) – Daughter

Plot: Beat the Bookmaker

Haplon has a bit of a gambling problem and has landed himself in hot water. He owes a large sum of money to a bookie and can’t pay. The bookmaker (Beu Rantol) has been threatening Haplon and may soon do something drastic unless the PCs intervene.

Haplon P. Weller

Heir of the Dog Illandis