Barus Roker

A surly fellow with a straggly beard and curious aroma.


Barus Roker is the owner and barkeep of the Matitime Tap located in the waterfront district in the capitol cit of Illandis. Barus won the tavern in a bet and has trying to get rid of it ever since. Despite his lax work ethic, Barus has a stern demeanor and little patience for foolishness which is probably why he remains a bachelor.

Japer the Wicker – Human Commoner 1 (Male) – Patron

Lockjaw – Dog (Bulldog) CR 1/3 (Male) – Pet

Plot: Stentch of Failure

Anyone near the Maritime Tap can catch the whiff of something foul. Barus says that the smell has always haunted the tavern but it has recently gotten worse. This is bad news for Barus as he has been trying to sell the place without success and can’t even make any money off of it as no one wants to patron his tavern except Japer. His dog, Lockjaw, has been restless and occassionally barks at the porthole to the waterlocker. Barus is convinced that is where the smell is eminating from and asks that the PCs investigate.

Barus Roker

Heir of the Dog Illandis